Organic Farming and Flexible Scheduling

Today has been great – so far! We are all taking a break after visiting an organic farm all morning and the weather is currently determining our afternoon plans. Yesterday, after some community work in an orange field, our team was caught in a deluge of rain from the heavens. Luckily, we all made it back safely with smiles on our faces and dry electronics in our backpacks! I have been very surprised with how little rain we’ve seen so far in Panama. It’s still extremely humid, but for the past week the rain has come in about 30-minute periods each day in only light showers. I was very happy to be soaked through after a hot day in the sun.

The organic farm was a pretty neat experience. The people there were very friendly and showed us their coffee, cucumber, bananas, mandarin oranges, a rare white Panamanian corn, broccoli, rice, papaya,orchids, and so many others I can’t remember! They also cooked for us a delicious lunch of rice, beans, pork (but not for me!), salad, and two different kinds of plantain. One was the double-fried green plantain, and the other was one we hadn’t had yet, but it tasted very similar to Platanos en Tentacion. The best way I can describe the latter is apple pie in a glazed banana-like form. It is incredibly delicious.

Also, we got to see the Santa Maria again! It’s nice to finally see the river after studying about it so much. Hopefully we can go see it this afternoon when it stops raining!


P1050393 P1050399 P1050403 P1050407 P1050409 P1050412









-And as I type we leave for the river!


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