Bermejo was our first field work site. We spent three days in total here interviewing the local water board (JAAR), learning about their water reservoir and aqueduct, and then doing our own tests on water quality and GIS analysis of the area. We split our team into two groups: water team and GPS team.

Each day, the water quality team stayed near the source and did chemical tests on the water from the community’s reservoir ranging from ph, salinity, coliform presence, turbidity, and so on. The GPS team went uphill of the source so see what sorts of possible pollutants may be affecting their water supply. We are currently processing our data with the maps and SRTM DEMs we made from class over the past two weeks to determine the site’s microwatershed. If we can locate from which points water accumulates in the area, we can determine which houses and environmental factors uphill of Bermejo may be affecting their water source.

Here are a few highlights from our days in Bermejo, we’re having a blast!



20140612_112727 P1050247 P1050179 20140612_111538 P1050294 P1050291 P1050281 P1050277 P1050269






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